Ciburiprodukt brand sauerkraut is a high quality product of a highly supervised production process, controlled from the beginning of cabbage production, to pickling preparation and pickling process, ending with the last stage of the final product packaging. The final products are heads of sauerkraut or vacuum-packed sliced sauerkraut in one or half kilogram bags.

The family has been in this business for forty years. In the last ten years we have recorded a 10-15% production growth per year.
Investing in agricultural mechanization (tractors, rotary cultivators, planters, potato and onion harvesters) and the processing plant (packing line, vacuum-packaging machine, transport lines for transporting cabbage to the tanks), along with the construction of a new processing and pickling production plant have made us the biggest sauerkraut producer in the region.


The pickling tanks in the factory halls have the capacity of pickling up to one thousand tons of cabbage in one shift.
One tank can be filled with 30 tons of sliced cabbage or 18 tons of cabbage heads. Therefore, along with our own production we also procure cabbage from sub-contracters.
Cabbage is processed, pickled and placed on the market throughout the year.We have nine employees currently.
The 30 ha farmland occupying a stretch of five kilometers is where all the agricultural production of cabbage, potatoes, onions, beet and other seasonal vegetables is taking place.

We have attained HACCP certificate for implementing the HACCP system of establishing, controlling and evaluating critical control points, related to the health and safety of consumers.
The HACCP certificate guarantees that our final products and their ingredients are safe for health, by all production standards.

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